About Us

Hello! I'm Donna and I'm so happy you are here. Raise the Bar is quite the special place and I'm excited for you to get to know a little more about us all. I am married to my amazingly supportive husband and have three beautiful daughters; Brooklyn, Katelyn, and Ashlyn. 
I grew up on a farm by Hayti SD and graduated from Hamlin High. After high school I went to college at SDSU (Go Jacks!) and worked for several years in the field of social services. My career brought me to Watertown, then Sioux Falls and then I followed my husband's career and we moved to St. Michael MN. After a 9 year stint there we were ready to return to our roots and are happy to call Watertown home again. 
I find working in the fashion industry brings me happiness and joy. I love when someone "thinks" they can't wear something....then they try it on and are amazed that they like it and would "never have thought to put that together." I love making women feel good about themselves. I love helping women figure out what looks best for their body type and to be happy and content with whatever body type they have. It gives me a purpose to provide a fun and welcoming environment that all body types can have a fun experience. I value getting to know my customers and developing a relationship with them; many of my greatest friends began as customers. 
My favorite thing about my business is that it started over 15 years ago in my home, then my garage and then into brick and mortar and online. I love that it has grown slowly and organically. I am so excited to have you shop (in-store and online) and continue to grow with me and raise the bar on our wardrobes together! 

       all my love,